Glass has no secrets for us.
We have been exploring the ins and outs of production of glass products for over 50 years.
Huta Szkła Gloss


The history of Huty Szkła Gloss dates back to 1968. It was then that Stanisław Glonek started a small, family company in Poniec, employing just a few people. At the very beginning, he set two goals for him and his company: the production of high-quality products and customer satisfaction. His entire activity was focused on that. This was the right strategy and crystals decorated in the manual grindery manufactured in the glassworks in Poniec quickly gained customer appreciation. Stanisław Glonek, however, was not the kind of person who would rest on his laurels. He wanted the company to develop and he did everything to make it happen. He invested in the modernization of the enterprise and the technologies applied there. In the 1990s, the automated line, manufacturing sodium glass, was launched and the production of decorative and lighting glass started.


Huta Szkła Gloss currently employs 80 people and it is still a family company based on solid foundations. It is managed by another generation of the Glonek family. The current owners proudly continue the family traditions and cherish the same values as Stanisław Glonek. Therefore the company relentlessly follows the demands of the contemporary market. It puts a lot of stress on cutting-edge technological solutions whereas the issues of environmental protection are a crucial aspect while making investment decisions. Huta Gloss proudly emphasizes that its ambition is to develop eco-friendly production. One of the instances of our care for the environment is the use of the eco-chimney. Hundreds of domestic and foreign clients appreciate not only the highest quality of the glass which is used for products manufactured in Poniec and the unique design of the products, but also the fact that the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. Such an attitude allows the company to continually gain new outlets.

Timeline of Gloss Glassworks

  • 1968 - Stanisław Glonek sets up a small, family-owned glassworks
  • 1971 - the beginning of the first production of lead and crystal glass
  • 1993 - the launch of the production line of glass for candles, jars, and lampshades
  • 1996 - the beginning of decorative glass production
  • 2000 - the beginning of light sheds production
  • 2002 - the beginning of production in the Wałbrzych branch - production of flat, ornamental glass
  • 2003 - the transformation of the company into a general partnership
  • 2007 - the separation of independent production facilities: GLOSS WORLD in Wałbrzych and GLOSS Glassworks in Poniec
  • 2008 - the continuation of manufacturing the household and lighting glass by Anna Glonek-Busz and Mariusz Busz
  • 2011 - the implementation of new designs using the manual method
  • 2013 - the start of designing the new process line
  • 2015 - comprehensive modernization - the new tank furnace
  • 2017 - some company shares taken over by Mariusz Busz’s son - Łukasz Busz
  • 2020 - the transformation of the company from a general partnership into a limited partnership

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