For almost half a century we explore the secrets of glass production ...

Every day our customers around the world are convinced by the quality of our products ...

Gloss Glass-works

We move around the world of glass from half a century. We started in 1968 as a small family business founded by Stanisław Glonek. Today Gloss Glass-works in Poniec is a company with a significant and well-established position in the industry.

We can say that we know everything about glass. We have gained knowledge for years, adding to it heavy, solid work and heart, and our best showcase are our products.

For 20 years, we specialise primarily in production of containers for candles. This range consists of almost 200 products. Among them you will find the most popular, and also our copyrights, registered designs. All are products of the highest quality.


Glonek - Busz Spółka Jawna
[registered partnership]
64-125 Poniec, ul. Krobska Szosa 9
ph. /fax +48 65 573 15 98
ph. /fax +48 65 572 78 41
mobile +48 601 98 11 11

  • we pack goods on pallets with dimensions of 1200 x 800 mm,
  • some products are packed in cardboard boxes,
  • by purchase of at least 18 pallets we can deliver the goods at our expense,
  • we offer discounts, depending on the size of the order and form of payment,
  • weight and volume of candles are approximate.